It's Certified!

       We are proud to announce that the 1/2" x 4" Crossover Bolt has achieved what no other bolt of its type or size has been able to do,.. be awarded the U.I.A.A. 123 Rock Anchor Certificate! Our Crossover Bolt passed all of the requirements, including the infamous torque test, and is now the only UIAA certified rock climbing anchor manufactured in the USA! While other1/4", 6mm wire glue-in bolts may claim that they are strong, and versatile, only the 1/2" x 4" Crossover Bolt has the UIAA 123 Rock Anchor certificate to prove it! It is certified in either its "Set" or "Un-Set" placements! Don't have a hammer, no problem! Need extra holding power or placing in overhung terrain, they can do that too!

In celebration of this achievememt, we are announcing the "Crossover Bolt Certification Celebration Sale"!

For a limited time our entire line of Crossover Bolts are on sale until May 18th, 2024! 

* Click on the Crossover Bolt image to view the sale page.                                                           * Click on the Certificate to View.



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