There are so many aspects to this topic we could spend hours discussing it, and quite often do! There are many great pages out on the internet already with details on how to, when to and where to bolt. One of our favorites is from our very own manufacturer, Bolt-Products.  Jim, (and brother Scott) have a vast knowledge of all aspects related to bolts, bolt placements, new routing, and route maintenance. Take a read of what Bolt-Products has on their site –

Bolt-Products General Information Pages

For our part, we at Team-Tough have a vast amount of experience with regard to this subject as well! Our routes in Rumney are known world wide, and we have developed routes all across the U.S. in a multitude of different types of stone and styles, ground up, and top down. We have a wealth of knowledge of route maintenance, as well! We follow many of the forums on this topic, attend fixed anchor conferences and stay up to date on the latest advances in technology and methods, and contribute what we know and have learned.