Keil 18mm x 150 x 200 TURBOHEAD Xpro SDS-plus Drill Bit (For 8mm Twist Bolts)

18mm x 150 x200 TURBOHEAD Xpro SDS-plus Drill Bit - (For 8mm Twist Bolts)
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Dia.: 18mm

Total Length: 200mm - (7.87")

Drillable length: 150mm - (5.9")

Manufacturer: Keil Profi-Werkzeuge GmbH (Germany)

Both the Keil Turbohead Xpro and the KeilRapid drill bits carry the "Sichersafe PGM" seal, e.g. –  

The PGM quality mark stands for a high-quality drilling tool made in a controlled and certified production. Drill bits with this seal drill geometrically exact holes for safe fixing of licensed plugs and anchors in concrete and masonry.


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