Raumer - ANTRAX Ø8x80 A316L

It is undoubtedly the most commonly used resin anchor in the world. The shape of the eyelet has been designed to withstand high levels of tensile or shear force.
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  • Shank with knurled surface;
  • Anchor with the best adheasion performance with the resin than other systems
  • Anchor resistance unchanged respect to those of greater diameter
  • This anchor also saves on resin as a drill hole of 9 mm, or 3\8" x 80 mm is all that is required.
  • Drilling a smaller hole also saves the drill's battery power.
  • It is also very cost-effective.
  • Like all our climbing anchor systems, the ANTRAX’s surface is matt grey to minimise environmental and visual impact.


  • Certificate of conformity EN 959: 2018 - Rock anchors
  • Certificate of conformity UNI 11578: 2015 - Anchor device type A
  • UIAA


  • Material: A316L
  • Weight: 75 gr
  • Shank dimensions: Ø 8 x 80 mm
  • Drill hole recommended: 9 mm, can be used with a 3\8"
  • Static shear strength: 26 KN
  • Static pull-out strength: 27 KN
  • Device usable by 1 person at a time


* When placing any glue-in bolt, always ensure that you "dry test" the placement by inserting the bolt that you intend to use into the hole! This process is highly recommended to be certain that the drill hole has the proper diameter and depth. This step should always be done prior to injecting any glue into the hole!

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