Team-Tough's 1/2" Crossover Bolts - Place with or without a hammer


                      Team-Tough's 1/2" Crossover Bolts

                                                         Can be placed with or without a hammer!
Our Crossover bolts are unique in their versitility! You can place them with or without a hammer!
For placements that do not require the added strength of the activated Crossover Wedge System or protection against movement while bonding agent cures, or you just do not have a hammer, you can simply insert the Crossover bolt into the hole with your bonding agent, no hammering required.
When placed with a hammer, Crossover bolts, in all circumstances, produce stronger anchor placements, as can be seen in our Axial test results below.
Axial, (straight out pull)

6" un-set, (no hammer) - 48+ kN 

6" set, (placed with hammer) - 50+ kN

4 - 3/4" - unset, (no hammer) - 35+ kN 

4 - 3/4" set, (placed with hammer) - 45+kN 

4" - unset, (no hammer) - 31+kN 

4" -  set, (placed with hammer) - 35+ kN


Radial, (straight down pull): 

6" un-set, (no hammer) - 47+ kN 

6" set, (placed with hammer) - 50+ kN 

4 - 3/4" - unset, (no hammer) - 45+ kN 

4 - 3/4" set, (placed with hammer) - 50+ kN 

4" - unset, (no hammer) - 35+ kN 

4" -  set, (placed with hammer) - 45+ kN

Where rotational torque is a concern, the Crossover bolts perform best in the "set", (hammered in) position.


U.I.A.A. Certification:

Our Crossover bolts are currently with UCT in Prague for U.I.A.A. Corrosion testing.We expect results in mid Feb. Stay tuned for results!

In our in-house testing the 1/2" x 4" Crossover Bolt passed the strength test requirements for U.I.A.A's 123 Rock Anchor Certification! We here at Team-Tough are very excited about this development as this clears the way for submission to an accredited U.I.A.A test laboratory for certification! These results likely make the Crossover Bolt the ONLY wire leg bolt of it's size class capable of achieving the standard!
In our in-house, side by side tests with the 1/2" Wave Bolt and the 6mm x 100mm Twist Bolt, the Crossover was the only bolt capable of withstanding the required rotational torque neccessary to achieve the standard! In fact, the Crossover bolt withstood nearly double the required torque without spinning! Very few other, (if any other), wire bolts are capable of passing this particular part of the standard.
What does all this mean?
We now are confident that the Crossover Bolt can easily meet the strength requirements to achieve U.I.A.A 123 Rock Anchor Standards Certification! We will still need to be tested and meet the SCC requirements.
Stay Tuned!
You can see our test results and a video of one of our pull tests below.
Tests results, 1/2" x 4" Crossover Bolt:
Radial Pull, (shear, or straight down): 50.31kN, (EN 959:2018 - requirement, 20kN)
Axial Pull, (tension, or straight out): 40.18kN, (U.I.A.A. requirment, 20kN, EN 959:2018 requirement 15kN.
Torque, (rotational twist on the eye of the bolt): 155+N-m for 60+ seconds.
If the video does not open, you can click the link below -
Click Here - (short video 1/2" x 4" Crossover Bolt pull tests!)
U.I.A.A. 123 - 3  Requirements for  Rock anchors
3.1   The UIAA Label can only be granted for bolts which meet all the  requirements of EN 959:2018, 
with the following exception:
3.1.1   No EN number required.
3.1.2   No printed leaflet if all information is provided in accordance with 6.1.
3.2   For the award of the UIAA Label, the following additional safety requirements shall be met:
3.2.1   The embedded part of any rock anchor held in place by a chemical bonding agent shall have 
deformations or roughness, intended to prevent extraction and/or rotation.
3.2.2   When tested in accordance with 4.2 all types of rock anchors shall have an axial load 
bearing capacity of 20 kN.
3.2.3   When tested in accordance with 4.3 all types of rock anchors held in place by a chemical 
bonding agent shall withstand a torque of 150 (+5/0) N-m for
60 (0/+5) seconds without rotating in the hole.